The NHM Community

At NIA House Montessori School we understand the value of a strong community. The community aides in the shaping of its children. NIA House parents are active contributors to the development of all the NIA House Children. Active contributions are exhibited but not limited to volunteering time, resources, and talents to the community for the betterment of its children.

We encourage our NIA community members to be fully informed on how to support their children during their educational process and become more empowered parents. Therefore, we encourage our parents to attend our educational seminars and other community enrichment events.

Parent groups include:

  • NHM OWLS Group- our PTO

  • NHM Dads group

  • Tuition Assistance Committee

  • Playground Committee

Other resources include:

  • Parent Resource Class: “Montessori in the Home”

  • Tips for Toilet Training: A potty can be available from a young age so the child can sit on it and imitate others in the household, even before they have bladder and bowel control.

  • Montessori Madness Video: Click here to watch a video entitled 'Montessori Madness' that walks you through the contrast between Montessori and conventional schools.

  • Montessori Terminology (AMS): Dr. Maria Montessori introduced many new terms and concepts to describe how children grow and learn. Click to view widely used words and phrases.


A True Blessing

At NIA House, the Montessori method is enhanced by the beyond amazing teachers, their superb curriculum, vibrant culture of the school, and extracurricular programming. Just this month alone, my 6 year old daughter has been given life by learning about opera music (she loves to sing), writing her first screenplay with a friend, telling me about her lesson on fractions and giving me examples using a cookie she was eating, going to see her first play at the Nashville Children's Theater, and having members of the Tennessee State University community come to her school to teach the students about many aspects of film-making. There are no words...and this happens EVERY month. I am so grateful to NIA House Montessori School for expanding my child's mind, engaging all of her senses on a daily basis, and enlarging her awareness of this wonderful world and all of the people in it. We are eternally thankful.

This school has been such a blessing, and we thank God for everyone that makes NIA House Montessori School the most amazing place for young minds...(and their parents).