Our Team

“A child is truly a miraculous being and this should be felt deeply by the educator.”
— Maria Montessori


Sonceria Radford, Director


An educator with over 10 years of experience working with persons of all ages, Sonceria has served as a teacher on the collegiate, high school, and primary education levels. Sonceria has extensive experience in parent/child engagement and child advocacy.

Darlene Neely, Academic Dean


Darlene Neely has 23 years experience working with young children. She has experience identifying exceptionalities in African American children in the New York area.

Tremeta Norman, Parent Coordinator


Tremeta Norman has over 15 years experience working with children of all ages including those with Autism and other special needs.

William Radford, Strategic Developer

Currently develops multi-use facilities across the United States. He is a former licensed teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools. William also has over 10 years experience working in youth and young adult education. Will also has extensive experience in design, construction, marketing, and fundraising.

MarQuita Holt, Director of Marketing & Admissions


Performer, teacher, marketing extraordinaire, and lover of all children, MarQuita Holt has dedicated over half her life cultivating young minds. This Nashville native began in theater arts and discovered the beauty of the Montessori Philosophy in 2011. Along with teaching theater and Spanish, she is a builder of community and philanthropy.